Support and Maintenance of Satellite Earth Terminals Site surveys / System Installation/ Configuration
VSAT Satcom, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thrane, 03B
Ground civil works, Cabin construction, electrical
installations, comms installations maintenance
specialists, Ex-military specialist personnel
Ex-military specialists, skilled in earth terminal site surveys, antenna and tower installations, configuration, repairs and maintenance.
Training courses delivered for military and commercial comms systems, IT, Intel FS software, VSATs, Inmarsat and O3b end user equipments
Recent successes include deployments for :    NATO   THALES    SERCO    03b    GPT Saudi    Airbus    IVECO/2H

Global Telecommunication & Logistic Solutions Company

Formed back in 1995, Nettelics has since been providing a wide range of highly specialised services to the Military Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturers, Telecom and IT industry as well as NATO.  Our network specialist provides technical support and maintenance to satellite systems and can offer rapid network deployment for a wide range of clients in the IT industry. Our highly skilled specialists are capable of helping you with all your requirements in austere environments, whether it is telecommunication solutions or international logistics support that you need.

Our expertise and knowledge of global telecommunication and network engineering set us apart from other companies in the industry. We provide a professional and efficient service to all our clients, regardless of how big or small the project is. We are also quick to respond to your enquiries, so as soon as we know exactly what you need, we can provide highly skilled Ex-military specialists and Telecommunication Services for immediate deployment into any global location requiring individuals trained to work in austere and hostile environments.

With an accurate profile of each company, all the work carried out by our satellite network designers is tailored to the client’s requirements. With years of experience, we understand the need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the global telecom and have been able to adapt to many different challenges over the years. Our expertise goes beyond rapid communications deployment: conducting and managing project overseas allowed us to become expert when it comes to international logistic solutions and management.

Nettelics can provide clients with a wide range of customized solutions for commercial and government projects such as highly skilled specialists who would be deployed at short notice to cover requirements in multiple countries

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